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Our Expertise

Our main focus is public safety and education.  We here at Sativica Enterprises are committed to gathering the latest information to assist government agencies make informed decisions best for their community.  Through online and in-person training, we can position you to make the right decisions.
Public Safety 

We work with the government, schools, and first responders.  Helping them with the cannabis law changes, proper planning do to cannabis related issues.

Society and Social Integration

Addressing the stigma of cannabis use in our communities, and how to work on changing that stigma into something productive. 

Virtual Learning

Online training to meet your specific needs on your time. We are here to help you get over hurdles that are coming in front of you. 

Continuing Education & Training

Cannabis market changes quickly, stays ahead of the curve. Our staff has their ear to the ground so you don’t have to. We post new blogs within 24 hours of major changes to the cannabis laws and industry.


Research and Statistics

Legal markets offer powerful insight on what to expect in your communities, by us taking the time we can notice trends in the industry to be on the forefront for you. 

Legal and Legacy Market

Laws pertaining to cannabis in your state, we stay on top of all the law changes to you don’t have to. What about the legacy market - It’s happening, has been for years.  How can they all work together? 


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