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Gregory Waszak

After completing his bachelor studies at SUNY College at Brockport in education, Greg immediately began his career in the health field at Erie Community College.  During his tenure, he taught both spring and fall semesters of ‘Drug Use and Abuse’ for 7 years. 

The insights he gained while teaching this material have given him a leg up understanding people, especially a user’s mentality.  He worked diligently to help show his students the effects and outcomes of their choices without judging them. 

From there, Greg branched out into learning and teaching about alternative and traditional medicines while consulting for Inspired Health group, a local medical practice in Orchard Park, NY.  Working as part of a group assisting people getting healthy within the practice further encouraged him to continue his research in this field and energized his desire to help people with their wellness. 

Shortly after his time at Inspired Health group ended, Greg moved to working as a Wellness Coordinator with the Seneca Nation of Indians, a truly underserved population with many diverse health challenges.  By forming strong relationships and building trust in the community, Greg was able to bring his message of wellness to an area of high need. 


The lasting friendships built from this experience furthered his resolve for helping people using traditional approaches to wellness.  After cannabis use was legalized in NYS, Greg built on the knowledge gained earlier in his career, combining it with his experience working on a local hemp farm in the summers, and has found a great need for education in the specific area of safe and effective cannabis use.  In July of 2021 he organized a grassroots community group called “WNY Cannabis Society.”  The society hopes to bridge the gap in understanding between user and non-user and earnestly build relationships to help address the stigma with cannabis use by encouraging users to utilize safe practices and to lead by example in their community.

WNY Cannabis Society

As the founder and current president of WNY Cannabis Society, clients will have access to the collective knowledge provided by a grass roots, local organization that advocates for safe responsible adult use.  Members of this group all share in the mission and goals of the society and the insights give us real time information, and a bridge to connect all aspects of the cannabis community to your organization. 

Mission of the Society:

Educating, advocating, and networking within the areas of medical and recreational marijuana to increase awareness, knowledge and accessibility for the safe utilization, procurement, and/or production of cannabis and cannabis-containing products.

Promoting standards of quality and equal opportunity for medical professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs that will improve life, health, economic equity and productivity in the greater WNY area.

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Sean Camarano 

After working in the broadcasting industry for 25 years, Sean has a way of seeing your vision, and putting options in front of you in an easy to understand format. Sean's knowledge of broadcasting has transferred well into the marketing and outreach skills you will need to communicate effectively. His understanding of social networking and mass marketing allows us to quickly help you get out the information to the people you need to see it.   Sean is ready to help you position your municipality, department, school, or business to meet the demands of digital communication to get the best results possible!





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When you work with Sativica Enterprises, you'll get the knowledge and reach you'll need to be out front and deliver important information to your communities.  We will give you the tools and knowledge so that decisions you make can get where they need to.  Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions on how Sativica Enterprises can help you today!

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